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Dwight Houston's Rules to Being a Knight

People seems to think the worst of the darkest place, but they can hold the most magical, amazing things. The night sky, holds blazing suns and planets which people look up to for hope and guidance. Behind our eyes, deep sleep that gives us relaxation that we can't find anywhere else, that gives us an escape from reality. Our minds are the darkest places of all, yet we hold of deepest, truest dreams, secrets, hopes and ideas there.

If you actually read this and want to get to know me then simply ask and talk to me.



Eleventh Rule of Being a Knight: It is important to keep calm in any situation. Nobility is everything.

Dwight took a deep breathe, squeezing his eyes shut, before stepping outside the safe haven of anywhere but here and into the massive hall. He opened an eye.

Oh god.

People were twirling and dancing just like in Alan’s favorite movie - Anastasia. He gulped taking another hasty step forward, shifting nervously. If dark creatures didn’t kill him, he may just do it himself.

"Hi, Dwight."

Dwight spun around, shoes squeaking obnoxiously on the waxed floor - were waxed floors suppose to squeak? Or was it another poltergeist? - to face a very delicate, royal looking Merril. He couldn’t help the grin that spread on his face.

"Hi, Milady." Merril flushed, as she always did at his nickname and stuck out a hand.

"Come dance. I think I saw the twins smirking in your direction."

Dwight quickly looked around him, tensing when he noticed the demon spawn were indeed staring at him. He look back at Merril who smiled at him, hand still poised. He stared at her, taking on her beautiful flowing dress that he was sure would have had Reed’s Harpy Mother salivating at the sight.

"I…I don’t know how to dance."

Okay, that was a lie, he did know, technically. He just tended to look as if having a seizure rather then dancing. Though that could be because he tended to shake terribly whenever near a girl.

"It’ll be fine! I won’t even mind if you step on my toes."

Dwight eyed her again, briefly wondering if she was a Wrackspurt he’ll bent on embarrassing him. Merril laughed, seeming sensing his thoughts, and grabbed his hand, pulling him onto the dance floor, completely ignoring his stuttering.

Spencer shimmied past, completely going against the graceful waltz of everyone else in the room. Danny quickly joined him, winking at Dwight as he went past.

He was jolted suddenly when Merril stopped, spinning him sharply and placing a hand on his shoulder, the other still holding his hand, raised. She nodded to him.

Dwight gulped, shaking, but nervously took a step, never taking his eyes from his feet.

"1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3" murmured Merril helpfully. He was shaking awfully now, the beads lining the sleeves of Merril’s dress clinging together.

"Oh god. Oh holy mother. Oh Zeus, Buddha, Allah, anyone willing to listen to this point," whispered Dwight, not really taking notice of what he was saying, though he would probably scold himself for it later.

Merril giggled and spinned out of his arms before doing a delicate step back into them. Dwight went bright red, suddenly aware of the entire halls eyes on them.

"Your fantastic, Dwight. A handsome man, a handsome dancer. What can’t you do?" She laughed, giving him tight hug before resuming the dance. Dwight stumbled, stuttering. He was shaking, still, Merril was beautiful and it was doing nothing for his nerves, especially when she complimented him.

"Go, Dwight!" chanted the twins, jumping around excitedly. Dwight turned to glare at then but was quickly pulled back by Merril, who soon twirled out if his arms and into Spencer’s who kissed her nose sweetly. Dwight stood there, tense and statue-like. He began to shuffle his way to the sides of the hall before he was grabbed once again - how do they keep catching him off guard? - and pulled back to the center.

"My turn, dear knight."

Smiled Laura, placing his hands on her hips, giggled at Dwight’s wide eyed stare. Dwight quickly tried to pulled away, twisting to see if Justin had seen, but Laura held tight. She nudged him, gesturing for him to lead. He gulped and once again began the dance.

Evan nudged his brother, who turned away from the tiny Alice in Wonderland inspired cookies, and grinned.

"Tonight went…" Ethan nodded, having no need to hear the full sentence.

"Little Knight…"

"Mhmm, he should give us lesson, maybe…"

"Or perhaps us for him…"

"He is shaking…

"Rather awfully."

The twins smiled and entwining there arms, feeding each other a cookie.

"He’s pretty good…"

Reed jumped a full foot, turning rapidly, tripping over his own feet and collapsing into Shane’s waiting arms.

"He could be brilliant…if he didn’t shake so much," smiled Shane, choosing to not bring attention to Reed flushing face.


Shane grinned and pulled Reed towards the dance floor who stuttered in much the same way Dwight had.

"They’d be a cute couple," murmured Kurt as he leant against Blaine, smiling into his shoulder. Blaine hummed in agreement, sipping his drink, and sighed peacefully.

Dwight blushed heavily as Laura skillfully shifted his hands a little bit lower. She merely enjoyed seeing him so flustered.


Laura just laughed at him and spun them around, taking the lead and weaved them in and out of the various couples around them, most stopping and grinning at the pair.

From the corner, Justin watched the pair closely. Still deciding whether or not he should be worried. Dwight was a good guy, no doubt, but he was also sure that the kid probably had a mile long psych record. A child giggled from behind him.

"Come on, Dwight! Teach me how to dance!"

Justin turned, staring wide eyes at the wall behind him. He flickered his gaze down to his glass, he’d obviously had way too much. He quickly placed it on the table near by, stepping away as if it were on fire.



Justin sighed, the peace had lasted too long. He quickly walked over to where Chaz attempted to wrested a wooden stake away from Dwight, Laura cackling behind him.

"You’ll protect me, right Dwight?"

Tenth Rule of Being a Knight: Sleep Is Essential.

Dwight crept around the edge of the couch, eyes in thin slits. He was still heavily bruised from the beating he had gotten a few days ago but that didn’t matter now, he had to get the poltergeist. With a mighty battle cry he leapt over a table and smashed into the wall.

"Ow…" he muttered weakly. Sneaky little bastard…making walls appear out of nowhere… He crawled under a table close by, still muttering to himself.

Charlie stared, gaping. That was the weirdest thing he had ever seen or at the very least in the top 3. He looked around, no one else was here. Warbler practice was on.

He stood quietly, abandoning his homework and shuffled over to the table where a muttering Dwight resided.


"DEMON BE GONE!" Charlie quickly grabbed him, hauling him to his feet.

"Dwight! Jesus, what the hell is up with you?"

"Charlie?" spoke Dwight, squinting at him in confusion before grinning. Charlie noticed the dark rings around Dwight’s eyes. What more could this kid do to worry him? Charlie sighed,

"How long has it been since you last slept?"

Dwight frowned and swayed slightly, looking past Charlie. His eyes widened suddenly. There, on the wall behind Charlie, was the poltergeist, crawling up the wall, giggling hysterically at them.

Charlie frowned at Dwight’s sudden change. He looked behind him briefly, as he suspected there was nothing. He shook Dwight a little, leaning down, trying to get Dwight to look him in the eye.

"DEMON!" screamed Dwight attempting to launch himself over Charlie’s shoulder. Charlie moved quickly, wrapping an arm around the back of his thighs to hold him in place and carried him up stairs to his room.

"Put me down! He’s a danger to the people! Call Serendipity Hill! Mayday!" Charlie doubt that Dwight even knew what he was saying. He kicked open the door and dropped him, unceremoniously on to the bed. He grabbed Dwight’s chin and forced him too look him in the eye.

"Dwight." he paused, Dwight’s attention stayed on him so he continued, "When. Did. You. Last. Sleep."

Dwight blinked and shrugged. Charlie sighed, standing straight and pinching the bridge of his nose. He glares down at Dwight.


The he turned and left, sticking a chair under the door. Dwight threw himself at the door.

"Let me out! I have to catch the poltergeist! Cream corn will fly!"

Cream corn? Charlie frowned but shook his head. As he turned to head back down stairs, a child’s voice whispered in his ear.

"Thank you."

Charlie turned around rapidly. No one was there. Charlie blinked. He needed a nap. Forgetting the homework he headed to his own dorm for an obviously need nap.

Later on, Todd would force the door open to find Dwight curled up on the floor, clutching at the pendulum around his neck.

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Ninth Rule of Being a Knight: Charm Never Dies, But It May Kill You If You Do It Wrong.

Dwight waved to Aime as he left the store, arms full of brand-new dream catches for Windsors. As he grabbed the door knob he was interrupted by a cough. He looked to his left and saw a lovely looking Blonde who fluttered her eyelashes at him flirtatiously.

"Are you going to open the door for me, stud?" Dwight frowned deeply, looking at the door then back at her. He studied her intently, though to her it seemed that he was checking her out.

"Why would I do that? Are you a Fairy? They require constant attention…" The girl frowned, flattering slightly.


Dwight ignored her. If she was a fairy she would respond to…He looked around the room and spotted some frog blood. That would work. He skillfully grabbed the jar and dumped it on her head.

"Begone, wretched Fairy!"

At the counter Aime repeated smashed her head against the counter. The girl stared, surprised and furious.

"You freak!" she screamed and pushed him out of the way and storming out of the store. Dwight frowned in confusion.

"Oh my god, Dwight. Really?" Dwight looked at Aime who was staring at him as if he had grown wings.

"What?" He asked again as she threw her hands up and walked into the back.

"You better pay for that frogs blood!" she called from the back room. Dwight sighed grabbing his wallet. He was only trying to protect her. He shook his head. He never understood girls.

After paying for the frogs blood he recollected his dreamcatchers which he had dropped on the floor upon grabbing the frogs blood, and headed out the door.

He was stopped by a call as he had crossed the road to the small park. He turned, the blonde and two large guys were stalking towards him.

Oh shit.

The guys were upon him before he could even run, laying in punches and and kicked where ever they could.

Dwight closed his eyes and let the warmth he knew was Alan envelop him, comforting and soothing. When he opened his eyes, it was dark and the guys were long gone.

Everything hurt. As he stood he was unable to stop the flow of tears down his face. The dreamcatchers were thankfully unbroken.

Good. Reed’s nightmares always haunt him for days.. Dwight thought scooping up the dreamcatchers, never once really thinking about the damage done to him.

He started to walk through the park, wincing as he did, his ankle was probably broken. Dwight frowned, Charlie would be really worried. A breeze flew by, it’s warmth a nice contrast to the cool night air.

I’m fine, Alan. I deserve it for what I did to you. The wind picked up, almost angry.

"…Jay doesn’t like me playing that much…does she?"

"Sigh…Dwight, you have officially taken over Logan’s roll as the giant squid of ignorance."

"I’m not ignorant! And I’m not like him!"

"You are ignorant. Now shh and go be knightish so I can write about it tomorrow."

"-grumbles and walks away-"

Eighth Rule of Being a Knight: Never hold back.

Dwight observed silently all the people rushing about around him. It was parents night and many people were performing, including the Warblers, but the most of the excitement had become for the orchestra’s best violinist who was performing a solo piece.

Dwight sighed, posture slumping, and leant against the wall next to him, avoiding the various ropes hanging off it for one reason or another, letting his head thump back against it.

He glared heatedly at the two blond body that flitted past in the near distance. It was the Tweedles’ fault that he was here. It was always their damn fault. They had insisted that he come backstage and watch. He blew a tuft of hair from his face. Stupid, demonic, blond haired basta-

A scream echoed. The head of the orchestra was pitching a fit and near ripping out her sandy blonde hair.


Dwight’s eyes widened. The soloist was gone? He should go find him, he could have been kidnapped by dryads or…the warblers couldn’t start without the soloist. Their performance directly linked on, if the soloist didn’t perform than they would have to change their entire performance very quickly or not perform at all.

He remember Reed singing through the halls, desperately practicing and Kurt had even ask his advice on a song. Their hard work couldn’t go to waste. Dwight took a deep breathe and ran over to the distraught conductor.

"What’s the soloist playing?" she looked surprised, wide eyed and near gaping at Dwight.


"WHAT’S HE PLAYING?" screamed Dwight, they needed to be quick. She look affronted before glaring harshly at him.

"The Devil’s Trill, you insolent little boy."

Oh fuck me, was the first thought that flashed through Dwights mind. He quickly snatched a violin off of one of the other violinist near by and sprinted out on to the stage just as the curtains rose.

"To begin, Dalton Academy for Boys presents our lead violinist who will play The Devil’s Trill, Vanessa Mae’s version."

The music began and Dwight felt his heart race and hands sweat. What was he doing? He couldn’t do this. This was insane.

"Play it again! Please, Dwight?"

"Yeah, Yeah, calm down, Alan!"

A warm breeze flew by. Dwight closed his eyes, he knew the music off by heart. Just pretend your playing for Alan.

"Guys! Dwight’s taken over for the violin solo!" Reed rushed in, tripped, and then rushed out. The other warblers stared at each other before rushing out.

"Woah!" whistled the Tweedles as they watched Dwight play. He moved on time to the music and played flawlessly. They could almost see the music dance around him like in cartoons. The conductor nodded, gaping very unbecomingly at Dwight.

Medel came up behind them, and nudged them in the back, smiling brightly.

"Go on, that’s your cue and the poor boy looks about ready to faint."

It was true, though Dwight was very into the music they could still see a flush that darkened almost dangerously.

Dwight almost stopped playing in surprise as the Warblers voice soared behind him. It was a nice feeling, Dwight decided, playing alongside his friends.

The song came to a close and Dwight gave the traditional bow before heading off stage, leaving the rest to the Warblers.

"That was amazing! You must be in my orchestra. You simply must."

"Uh…no thanks."

Dwight actually stepped back and her frightening expression. It was easy to imagine her foaming at the mouth. Just as Dwight reached for his stake, she turned sharply, heading back towards where the orchestra was practicing. Dwight frowned, he would get her later, silly demon, and headed outside. He needed to cool down.

Dwight sank down, back against a tree, enjoying the rough bark against his back. He stared up at the sky through the tree tops and kept a hand on his watergun, that crazy conductor could come back. A shadow stood in from him suddenly, Dwight squirted the watergun at it and ninja rolled to the ride.

"You bitch! Not only do you steal my solo but you spray me with…with…whatever," a tall boy towered over Dwight. Dwight gulped, he would have rathered the demon.

"You were late and-"

"They could have waited. You just wanted my spotlight, you little freak. No one pays you attention. Your family is probably ashamed of you. You are nothing!"

As much as Dwight wanted to deny it, his eyes welled with tears. He couldn’t object, it was probably true. He heard footsteps but could see through his tears.

"He just saved the show, jackass. No get out."

"You can’t talk to me like that-"

"I’m prefect, you little shit," The soloist looked ready to speak, "You know those rumors about me? Yeah? Well, their true. Run."

The soloist visibly gulped and ran. Dwight wiped his eyes and stared up at the other figure.

"Logan?" he managed to gasp out. Logan looked indifferent. He waved a hand and walked away.

"Don’t get used to it."

Dwight said nothing in return but twisted so he was now crossed legged and stared at the grass. What if what the soloist said was true? Was his mother ashamed of him. He buried his face in his hands. A familiar warmth enveloped him.

I still have you in any case, huh, little brother

Seventh Rule of Being a Knight: Overcoming the worst sets you on your way to the best.

Dwight let his fingers idly trace the name indented in the cold granite, never lifting his head from the ground below.

Alan Sam Houston

He let his arm go limp, hitting the soft grass. Dwight stared at his hand and the grass beneath it. He tugged at the grass. His brother, his baby brother was lying, cold and dead in a hard wood box, never to see the sun again.

And people expected him to just get over it and move on? Well, fuck them. They didn’t know a god damn thing about Alan and they sure as hell didn’t know shit about him.

The grass gave way, dirt flying everywhere, some clinging to his hair. Dwight rolled on to his back, staring at the grey sky high above him. Fitting, he thought bitterly. He began to sing, voice hoarse from lack of use.

"Happy Birthday day to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday, Dear Alan," Dwight sucked in a breathe to stop his voice from cracking, "Happy Birthday to you…"

The sky gave way and cried the tears the hunter would not. Dwight turned back onto his side, shutting his eyes tightly, thankful for the rain. The chill was welcoming and made him feel more alive. Even if you shouldn’t be, the bitter voice in the back of his mind had crawled to the surface once more.

A warmth enveloped him. Dwight frowned, keeping his eyes shut. He could still feel the rain hitting him but the chill was gone.

"So I get to be Sam, right? And you’re Dean?"

Dwight leapt up immediately, looking around him fanatically. He hadn’t heard that…had he?

"Alan?" He whispered, staring at the gravestone. He nudged it with his foot before leaping backwards, tripping and falling on his backside.

The warmth enveloped him once more, comforting. Dwight crawled slowly, back towards the gravestone, laying his hand on the cool stone. He curled up underneath it.

"You’re here, aren’t you A?"

A soft breeze ruffled his messy hair, contrasting heavily to the storm gathering around him. Dwight closes his eyes, relaxing. Alan was here with him, he had a reason to go on.

Dwight could make it up to him and be sure that he would see it. He curled up tighter, keeping a hand on the stone, letting sleep overtake him for the first time in days.

This was how he was found hours later. When he awoke he would talk, and he would smile for the first time in six months. For the first time in six months his mother could finally fall asleep to silence rather than her eldest sons choked sobs from the next room.

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Lol I love writing Alan.

I always seem him going “Damnit, Dwight! You’re supposed to be smart!” even though he’s just a breeze or strange warmth and demented voice like noise but yeah.

In my head he’s a full character screaming at Dwight to basically get his shit together. XD

Sixth Rule of Being a Knight: Your Weakness is Another Person’s Strength.

Dwight leapt and rolled behind the fountain, holding his spray bottle close to his chest before looking out around the fountain, surveying the area.

He had heard some of the day students talking about some strange noises they had heard in the garden so he had some to survey the area. Many demons felt at home in gardens and Dwight was not going to take any chances.

Dwight froze, sucking in a breathe as he heard a strange sound off too his right. He stayed in his kneeling position and after a deep breathe crept closer to the bush.

He stopped in front of it, when he heard the sound again he forced him self through it’s thickness and collided with something solid.

"Ow!" cried the solid figure, "What the hell? Dwight?"

"Danny?" Dwight sat up, straddling Danny’s waist, "What are you doing here?"

Danny wiped his eyes quickly, attempting to sit up but letting him self fall back once it became apparent that Dwight was not moving.

"It’s nothing. Just let me up," Danny’s voice was hoarse from crying.

Dwight frowned, not moving and stared down at the normally happy boy. As Danny shift he caught sight of his wrist. Courage was written in wrist in neat, cursive writing but it was smudged as if it had been rubbed at for awhile. Danny shifted and rubbed nervously at the wrist currently under Dwight’s intense gaze.

"Are those scars?" Dwight blurted out suddenly as he notice pale lines marking his wrist. Danny nodded silently, cross his arms to hide his wrists.

Dwight shifted his weight on Danny, securing his spray bottle to his waist, before rolling up his sleeves. He held up his arms, showing faded scars across his hands and wrists.

"My brother was…he was murdered. I tried to resurrect him and I gained these scars because of it and I was on suicide watch for three weeks," Dwight paused, swallowing heavily, remembering things he really didn’t want to remember. Dwight stared at the scars.

"No one seemed to understand that no I didn’t want to die, I just wanted my brother back. I felt completely alone,” He looked back up at Danny, who’s eyes had filling with tears.

"I know its not the same but I know how your feeling. Sometimes it all just comes back and-" Dwight was cut off has Danny forcibly shoved him back and hugged him tightly.

"I get it."

"Don’t be ashamed of anything, Danny. You’re stronger because of it."

Danny nodded into Dwight’s chest. It wasn’t the same yet it was completely the same. It made Danny realize that not only was he not alone but other people did understand how he felt, even if they hadn’t gone through the same things as him.

"Thanks, Dwight."

Dwight coughed, looking uncomfortable and moved to stand. Danny let him go, grinning up at him. Dwight shuffled nervously, coughing again.

"Well, I need to go and patrol and stuff."

"Of course," nodded Danny, still grinning in a way that was much more recognizable. Dwight sighed and scratched the back of his head.

"Could you not tell anyone about-" Danny held up a hand and nodded. Nothing was needed to be said. Dwight nodded, looking anyway but at Danny.

"Right. Well, patrol and stuff…" with that Dwight headed off in the direction of Windsors, satisfied that his traps were working fine and that there was no demons in the garden, at least none in the literal sense.

Danny shouted his goodbye, grinning at the awkward wave Dwight gave in return and headed back to Hanover, much happier than before. He didn’t need to hide his odd moments of depression. Someone would help him.

"Hey, Justin!"

Dwight stepped in to his dorm, shutting the door with a soft click. He leant heavily against it, memories fresh in his mind, and let his eyes drift towards the picture of him and Alan.

A warm breeze flutter around him. Dwight grinned, he had helped someone else. No one would get hurt while he was around. The breeze turned colder.

Yeah, I know, Alan. “Don’t get so full of yourself!” You always did hate my ego trips…

Fifth Rule of Being a Knight: There is No Shame in Asking for Help.

Dwight took a deep breathe, burying his hands deep into his hair. Homework was building up and exams were coming up fast. He squeezed his shut, the pressure was building, creating thick knot in the base of his chest.

He picked up his pen again, knuckles going white from his grip, and stared at the page before.

A 2000 word essay for geography was due tomorrow and he was at a loss. Te librarian had completely banned him from the library after certain incidences had forced her to extremes.

Todd was down stairs with the rest of the guys, playing video games and such.

Dwight was alone and he had never hated it so much. The knot tightened and he felt as if he was going to cry.

Just ask for help! screamed the little voice from the back of his head. They helped Kurt and they’ll help you.

But that wasn’t how it was suppose to go. He was suppose to help them not the other way around. He had to be strong.

He stared down at his blank page again.

"I’m so fucked,” he whispered furiously to the empty room. A few of the many candles on his side of the room flickered helplessly.

"Dwight? I haven’t seen you all day," Reed spoke softly from the doorway. Dwight turned to him, and grinned. He hoped it didn’t look as false as it felt. It must have because Reed’s expression faltered slightly.

"You okay?" Reed stood on his tippy toes, looking over Dwight’s shoulder to the almost ridiculously massive pile of papers.

"I’m fine," Dwight said quickly, too quickly, and turned away from the short boy in the doorway.

Reed frowned but continued down to the commons. Various greetings met him when he opened the door, almost tripping as he turned to head to the empty table in the corner.

Todd looked up, remembering something.

"Hey, Tweedles, what did you do to get Dwight banned from the library?"

Reed cut in before the Tweedles could answer.

"He’s banned? How is he suppose to do his work?" he asked, somewhat alarmed, thinking back to the paper Mt Everest that occupied Dwight’s desk.

"He said he had it under control," Todd waved a hand, shrugging dismissively.

Reed stood suddenly, running from the room, falling on his face, and headed to Dwight’s room. Dwight has always helped helped him, protected him and fixed random bits and pieces of the house so he didn’t fall. Now he needed help and no way was Reed going to leave him.

He stopped off at his dorm, grabbing a few books and headed to Dwight’s dorm. He opened the door quietly and gasped. Dwight was crying at the desk, head buried in his arms.


Dwight sat up and wiped his tears furiously before turning to Reed and grinned. It looked worse then the last. Reed stepped forward quickly, managing to stay steady, and embraced Dwight.

"I’ll help you, okay? Everyone needs help sometimes, even Knights," his voice was a whisper as he pulled back enough to look Dwight in the eye.

Dwight looked to the ground, unsure. He was supposed to be strong. A soft breeze fluttered around them, making Dwight’s hair gently caress his cheek and had Reed looking around in confusion.

There was no window open.

Dwight looked up at Reed and smiled slightly. He pulled a chair over for Dwight to sit on as he spoke.

"Can you help me with geography?"

Reed looked up at his words, smiling and nodding as he took the offered seat.

As Reed got out his books, Dwight let his gaze wonder the room.

You always said to ask for help when I needed it. You’re still helping me after everything that happened. I miss you, A.